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Meet Toomgis • ampm
Too much good stuff. That's ampm. That's what Toomgis also is. But we needed to explain this to our latino fans.
Millennial Hamlet • YouTube
YouTube challenged creatives in the ad world to adapt the best novels in six-second videos to promote their new media format for SXSW 2017.
We decided to parody the famous novel “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” from Shakespeare. This little film intends to be a funny interpretation of how Hamlet’s personality crisis would look like if the novel was written nowadays. And how Artificial Intelligence still isn't capable of having that deep of a thought process.
As Absurd As • Oriental Bank
Oriental Bank was the first bank in the area that introduced a No Fee ATM. To spread the message we showed how absurd it was to be charged for accessing your own money.
Small Big Moments • Nestlé
People enjoy ice cream when they experience a small, big, moment. So we created a whole team that designed these moments for our consumers.
Soup Chasers • Subway
Subway has great soups. But in the Caribbean you only have soup if it's a less-hot rainy day. That's why to promote soups, we created a rain sensing sign that gave soups discounts at Subway stores.

The Top Less Sticky Hits • Pam Anti-Stick Spray
In Puerto Rico, when a song is a hit, you say that it "sticked". And when the New Year's Eve is getting close, we always create a top 10 of the songs of the year. It's also the time where most people spend cooking large dinner parties, a perfect opportunity for Pam Anti-Sticking Spray.
Gingerbread Joel • Coffee-Mate
CoffeMate launched a new Holiday flavor: Gingerbread. Who was in charge of this? A multi-cultural Gingerbread man named Joel.
Children's Newspaper • Norma
The world is made by adults, for adults. Norma, the leading school supply brand wanted to show that kids can be part of this world too. That's why we made the first newspaper made by kids, with the supplies Norma already had.
My Rights • Department of Justice
Most people don't know the importance of their rights, and not knowing your rights is as bad as not having them at all. To raise awareness for this, we gave newborns a physical certificate of their rights.
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