6 Year Old Bandit

When I when I six, I stole promotional goodies from my dad's job, and sold them around my neighborhood for 25¢ a pop.

That’s how I made my first $5.

He was mad, but instead of grounding me, he gave me an Oriental Trading and a $200 budget.

That’s the first time I had a budget to work on.

I could choose from a sea of plastic Made in China wonders, but I ended up some with some glow in the dark ants, plastic samurai swords, and fart noise-making putty.

At 8, my sisters knew my salesman skills, so they gave me their fundraising cakes from school to sell for them.

I always secretly added an extra $1 markup for profit.

At 11, I started delivering newspaper, two years before I legally could. I did it under my next-door neighbor’s name, he didn’t even earn commission for that. (Thanks Rob, for my first job opportunity.)

At 14, I started downloading songs from Napster, created playlists, burned CD’s, designed and printed my own album covers, and distributed them in my high school. That's when I learned how to use Photoshop.

At 16, I got my first legal job. My criminal days were over, but the aisles at KB Toys were neatly kept. Bratz were huge, and I knew every detail about them. That’s where the money was at.

At 17, all businesses were getting connected to the interwebs. So I learned to certify LAN cables, and installed them at a Pharmaceutical company.

After that I went to college to study Architecture. Materials were expensive, so I did everything I could for the extra cash. Waited tables, installed light bulbs at parking garages, assisted truck drivers to deliver industrial machinery, distributed promotional material.

That’s how at 18, I had already worked at more than nine different industries. I never ended up being an architect, even though I worked for one for almost a year.

But now I get to work in many industries at the same time. Autoice creambeer and spiritstourismsports drinkshouseholdbanking and lottery.

And I’m not planning on stopping.

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